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When you attend a Kelli Russell yoga class, you will discover that you have superpowers.

Kelli will inspire you to explore your body and mind, flirt with your comfort zone, and believe that you can attempt poses you never thought possible. In her class, you will be empowered, encouraged, supported, and cared for.


As a former counselor, Kelli has the intuition and the sensitivity to make everyone from the beginning practitioner to the most advanced student, feel comfortable and challenged.

I am constantly learning, trying, and trying again. For me, yoga is more about the quality of mind than the “perfection” of a pose. Photo: Erin Blair Studio

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

As an instructor, you might wonder, “How am I going to stand out in this sea of teachers?” or “How can I make a living doing this?”

Let’s work one-on-one to answer those questions and more.

Yoga Events & Retreats

Whether a local event or destination retreat, I create specialized yoga classes and series that will make your experience unforgettable!

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