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Are you a Yoga Teacher or Wellness Guide?


Say goodbye to the stress of planning your upcoming class or event.


Soulful Scripts: Meditations, Inspirations, and Breathwork for Yoga Teachers & Wellness Guides is designed to save you time by offering everything you need to guide your students through deeply transformational experiences, found all in one place.


The offerings inside will help you enrich your teaching and foster growth and healing by providing magical experiences that allow your students to awaken and expand.


Soulful Scripts: Meditations, Inspirations, and Breathwork for Yoga Teachers & Wellness Guides is available NOW!

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Yoga is for everyone. If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

Together we’ll practice calming our minds and regulating our nervous systems as we move our bodies multidimensionally. We’ll stretch, strengthen, and learn to observe our thoughts as they go by without judgment.  That’s what it’s all about.


Here we can explore our bodies and our minds as we flirt with our comfort zone and learn to trust ourselves again (or for the first time). Time to tune in, listen, and let go.

I am constantly learning, trying, and trying again. For me, yoga is more about the quality of mind than the “perfection” of a pose. Photo: Erin Blair Studio
photo credit: Erin Blair Studio

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Everyone can use a little support every now and then! Let’s work together on sequencing, finding your niche, refining your language, hands-on assists, and those trickier postures.

Click below to learn more about what else we can do to enhance your yoga teaching skills with some one-on-one mentorship sessions.

Yoga Events & Retreats

Whether a local event or destination retreat, I create special classes and experiences that will make your event unforgettable!