Introducing Nourish & Strengthen’s Jenny Harkleroad

Introducing Nourish & Strengthen’s Jenny Harkleroad

I’m so excited to announce that Nourish and Strengthen’s founder, Jenny Harkleroad, will be providing amazing health tips and recipes in my monthly newsletter!

Her WHOLE FOOD, PLANT BASED DIET will help you combat most modern diseases (like heart disease, diabetes and cancer), optimizing your health from the inside out. She knows what it takes to help your body run at tip top shape, feeling full and satisfied, lean and healthy.

Learn about the journey that led Jenny to discover the secret weapon for great health here.

Nourish & Strengthen's Founder, Jenny Harkleroad

Nourish & Strengthen’s Founder, Jenny Harkleroad

Check out her blog at and Facebook page,, for lots of health tips and recipes like this great Tangy Quinoa Bean Salad with a Kick

Here’s to your health!

Kelli Russell
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