3 Ways to Prop Up Your Dolphin Pose

3 Ways to Prop Up Your Dolphin Pose

Dolphin3ways“Am I doing this right?” “Should it be this hard?” are statements I hear from yoga students after class when they ask me about the Dolphin Pose we practiced that day.  It’s a challenging pose, requiring core, arm and shoulder strength, as well as flexible hamstrings, chest and shoulders. All of these things take time. While you’re working on them though, here are three great ways to prop up your Dolphin Pose with just one block.

Challenge #1:
Tight Shoulders & Chest

Solution #1: Place a block in-between your hands, with your thumbs facing up. Press your forearms against the ground, engage your upper outer arms, and lift your shoulders away from the earth. (A good rule of thumb: you should be able to hold this comfortably for 1 minute before moving hands flat on the floor, forearms parallel)


Challenge #2:
Tight Calves and Ankles, making it difficult to engage your legs

Solution #2:  Place your heels on a block and press your heels down against the block. The support of the block will make it easier for you to work on lifting your kneecaps up as you firm the fronts of your thighs.


Challenge #3:
Upper Back Rounding

Solution #3:  With one hand, wedge a block at your shoulder blade height against the wall (or have someone put it there for you). Work on drawing your shoulder blades together and flat against your back with the support of the block there. Lift your sitting bones as high as you can as you draw your low belly and lower front ribs in.

Kelli Russell
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  • Jenny Harkleroad
    Posted at 22:05h, 02 December Reply

    Yes, this should be hard unless you practice as much as Kelli and have a body of steal! You’re so strong. Awesome!

  • kellirussellyoga
    Posted at 00:59h, 09 January Reply

    Thanks Jenny! You have will of steel and a heart of steel! Even though your body doesn’t bend in half since you hurt your back, you still have a body of steel, too!

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