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I received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Counseling because I wanted to help people live their best life possible, but I found the methods ineffective at creating real changes. Then I started doing yoga in 2003, and I noticed instant positive shifts in people – not only did their bodies become strong and flexible, but they seemed more grounded, resilient, and even. I have spent the last decade teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness because the effects are so powerful!


I believe that by doing yoga, you become THE SUPERHERO OF YOUR OWN LIFE: confident, brave, strong, able to handle challenges that cross your path with ease and slay negative thoughts and patterns, equipping you with more energy to be of service to others.


My classes are usually strong, nurturing, empowering, creative, sometimes more on the fun side /sometimes more focused; all designed to derail you from your auto-pilot patterns and move you into mindfulness so that you can live the best life you can imagine.


photo credit: Erin Blair Studio


Kelli has dedicated herself to her training and has achieved the highest level of credential offered by Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and is a designated Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider and Yoga Teacher Trainer.


Whether you are a beginning yoga student or an experienced yoga teacher, Kelli has the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide you with what you are seeking on your mat.

Come play…

Kelli has a way of teaching yoga that is truly unique: she manages to weave in serious with silly, challenge with comfort, and spiritual principles with everyday common sense.
It was such a treat to be able to practice yoga with Kelli. I highly recommend her classes.
- Marie

Kelli is accredited with Yoga Alliance at the highest level, E-RYT 500 and is a designated Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® (YACEP®*).

*A YACEP is an individual instructor that has been verified as being highly qualified in the category or categories that they teach. Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®s) who take courses with a YACEP can trust that their training counts toward meeting their Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Requirements.
Kelli's Extended Training
Carmen Aguillar, of Chicago Yoga Lab,
Advanced Backbends and Arm Balances,
March 2016


Rod Stryker,
Moon Vinyasa: Deep Stillness, Healing Power,
July 2016


Gina Caputo,
Playing with Potential,
July 2016


Sadie Nardini,
Awakening Metabolism, Detox, & Energy,
June 2015


Kathryn Budig,
Altimeter Check: Inversions,
June 2015


Eric Paskel,
Funky Fusion: Creative Sequencing & Kirtan,
June 2015
Dr. Raymond Long,
(Author of The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga and Yoga Mat Companion Series) Anatomy and Biomechanics of Yoga Teacher Certification,
December 2014


Jason Crandell,
Finding Your Voice: The Art of Verbal Communication, Manual Adjustments and Sequencing,
July 2014


Annie Carpenter,
Inversions: When, How and Why,
July 2014


Kathryn Budig,
Kick Up Your Feet: Arm Balances,
July 2014


Cameron Shayne,
Art of Transition,
July 2014


Rina Jakobowicz,
Sweet Surprises: Releasing Negative Thought Patterns Through the Medium of Vinyasa Yoga,
July 2014
Gary Kraftsow,
Common Aches & Pains in Back, Neck & Shoulders,
July 2014


Adel Palkhivala,
Intro to Purna Meditation,
July 2014


Tara Styles,
Strala Yoga All Day Intensive,
July 2014


John Friend,
Sridaiva 2 Day Intensive,
March 2014


Duncan Wong,
Warrior Yoga,
January 2014


Justin Michael Williams,
Business of Yoga: Social Media Workshop,
January 2014
Jenny Klein Sauer,
Leadership in Yoga,
July 2013


Cameron Shayne,
Handstands & Fear of Flying,
July 2013


Cameron Shayne,
Budokon Yoga Teacher Training & Certification,
December 2012


Dr. Scott Blossom,
Shadow Yoga
Ayurveda – Bones, Joints & Nerves,
July 2012


Rod Stryker,
Yoga & Meditation,
July 2012


David Swenson,
Floating & Flying,
July 2012
Sean Corne,
Establishing A Strong Foundation,
July 2012


Natasha Rizopoulos,
Class Sequencing,
July 2012


Cameron Shayne,
Budokon Yoga,
July 2012


Vinnie Marino,
Rock N Roll Vinyasa,
July 2012


Anna Forrest,
Journey to the Core,
July 2012


Deepak Chopra & Tara Stiles,
Sages & Scientists,
March 2012
Paul Grilley,
Yin Yoga & Anatomy of Yoga Teacher Certification,
January 2012


Bryan Kest,
Power Yoga,
March 2011


Kathryn Budig,
Sweetness & Strength/ Core & Inversions,
August 2010


David Swenson,
Ashtanga Yoga Workshop,
October 2009


Matthew Sweeny,
Lion Sequence Ashtanga Workshop,
July 2009

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