Are yoga a Crow fledgling that wants to fly?

Are yoga a Crow fledgling that wants to fly?

Here’s the trick for the beginnger’s version of Bakasana: You need to make a table…

Crow Pose for Beginners

Face the fingertips towards each other a little with the palms out at an angle. Make sure the palms are underneath the shoulders, then bend the elbows out to the side. Make a shelf with your triceps, rather than a slide that you will fall right out of. Now lift the hips, lift the heels and bring the top of your shin bones to the top of the shelf you made with your arms. Lean your face forward like there is a delicious bite of dark chocolate with ancho chili and cinnamon (ok, maybe that’s just me….insert your own treat), lift your heels towards your buttocks with your big toes touching and pull yourself together! Hug your knees toward your centerline energetically, round your back like a cat and let that belly lock fly up up and away! You’re there! Remember: it is o.k. to practice with a pillow underneath your head!

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