Back Strengtheners & Patanjali’s 3rd Yama – Asteya

Back Strengtheners & Patanjali’s 3rd Yama – Asteya

From April 22nd through May 5th we will be strengthening our back muscles and practicing Asteya – non stealing.  Non stealing not only refers to material objects, but taking the attention from another person, topping another person’s story with one of your own, doing something for someone, thereby taking the opportunity for them to learn to do it on their own, overcommitting yourself to events that steal time that should be spent taking care of yourself, your children, your spouse, etc.  Questions to ask yourself these weeks:  Where do I (and should I) place value?  Do I have enough?  Do I have too much?  Are my things making me happy or am I overburdened by the responsibility?  What does true wealth mean?  (….perhaps those things that no one can take away from you.)

Kelli Russell
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  • Scott W.
    Posted at 12:58h, 24 April Reply

    Great class at 24Hour Fitness… you have quite a following! I enjoyed you incorporating the 3rd Yama into the practice, helps to focus on and off the mat. Are you going to continue with more Yamas, or shift to other limbs? As for the physical aspects, I was hoping in the near future you can destroy our abs… Need to feel the shake and bake burn in the belly. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and fueling inspiration to continue practicing. Namaste

  • Kelli
    Posted at 12:26h, 26 April Reply

    Two more Yamas left, then we go to the Niyamas (there are 5 of those, too). Haven’t decided how much of Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga to discuss yet. We just had a core class focus two weeks ago (which is basically the abs). Some students requested hips again, so maybe we can do hips with some additional ab work. Also, you can add your own ab work throughout each and every pose by utilizing the uddiyana bandha, pulling the belly in and up while still utilizing ujjayi breathing. Bandhas, Bandhas, Bandhas 24/7!

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