Believe You Can! Overcoming Obstacles with Growth Mindset

Believe You Can! Overcoming Obstacles with Growth Mindset

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Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford, studied the difference between students who believed their intelligence was fixed vs. those who believed that through practice, effort and determination they could effect their intelligence positively.  What she found was…those with a “growth mindset” outperformed those with a fixed one. For them, effort was a positive thing. It ignited their intelligence and spurred growth. In the face of challenge or even failure, they looked for different strategies and redoubled their efforts while their counterparts gave up.

We are discovering that our brains have more neuroplasticity than we ever imagined. Napoleon Hill once said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Additionally, we’re finding more body/mind connectivity than we once thought possible.

What areas in your life or in your yoga practice can you move from a Fixed Mindset (I can’t do that) to a Growth Mindset (I believe I can learn how to do that)?

By believing you can, you actually can!

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