Break Free From Limitations & Unleash Your Life!

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Break Free From Limitations & Unleash Your Life!

What are the limitations you put on yourself?

I would love to, but….

I wish I could, but I…..

Sound familiar?  Ever tell yourself that you should just settle for what’s within your reach? 

What limitations do you put on your yoga practice?


Thinking a pose needs to be practiced a certain way (like with a prop, or without a prop, for example), in a certain order, or that you can’t do the more challenging options are all ways that you limit yourself and halt your growth. I have a friend, and yoga student who is so strong, able and capable, but says, “I can’t do all of those crazy poses or arm balances!” I ask, “Why not?” She says, “I don’t know, I just can’t.” Your beliefs create your reality. Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

Your mat is a great place to work on shedding your limitations.

Just by showing up, you have committed to some sort of challenge. Every time you land on your mat is a new moment to explore and experience. Look at how many choices you have within your practice: you can focus on bringing awareness to a certain body part, trying a modification, or giving a more challenging option a shot….all within a single pose!

Remember the feeling of endlessly moving your body into different shapes, the times when you were able to move out of your comfort zone, and even if you fell out of it, knowing that you are still intact, emotionally and physically.

Unleash Your Life

When you feel like you’ve looked at all the options, challenge yourself to broaden your perspective. Look beyond what you would normally consider. Pay more attention to outside the box ideas. For example, maybe you can’t move to Italy right now, but you can enroll in Italian classes or have a dinner party and invite some friends over for authentic, Italian cuisine made by YOU. By taking some steps, you open a whole new realm of ideas–you unleash your life. If you’re able to dream about wanting something deeper and richer in your life, you’re also capable enough to make it happen.

Chances are, when you stop holding yourself back, something amazing will happen.

Kelli Russell
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  • Jenny Harkleroad
    Posted at 06:16h, 10 November Reply

    The part about the blocks really rang true for me. Why do I always grab the blocks for the same poses? Time to try something new! Believe! Thanks Kelli!

    • Kelli Russell
      Posted at 17:50h, 12 December Reply

      Awesome Jenny!!! Let me know how it goes!

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