Can Envy Be The Key To Growth?

Can Envy Be The Key To Growth?


We’ve often heard that what we dislike about another person is a reflection of what we dislike about ourselves. The people that we react the strongest to are projections of our innermost world, so what we hate, for example, is what we deny in ourselves.

What about the opposite side of the coin? What you love and admire (dare I say, envy?) in others is what you most wish for yourself. You can utilize these thoughts as a guide to what’s needed for your personal growth and evolution. Ever love how confident that person is when they walk into a room, how relaxed they appear when speaking? Do you love the knowledge a person exhibits on certain subject? How free that person is when they dance? How organized that other person is? The amazing ability or skill that someone has?

When you find yourself thinking a thought like this TAKE NOTE!!! Work on developing the personal attribute, gaining the skill, practicing that thing that you notice as being so special.

When you achieve self knowledge and cultivate growth in the direction you desire, what you want most will finally be there, and what you most despise will disappear.

Kelli Russell
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  • Jenny Hefferon Harkleroad
    Posted at 14:45h, 13 May Reply

    These are some deep thoughts. It would do us all good to ponder this idea for awhile and put it to work for us. Thanks for being someone I can envy Kelli Russell!

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