Challenge Yourself: Why It’s Ok to Suck!

Challenge Yourself: Why It’s Ok to Suck!

Our brains create new neural networks with new information.

Our culture flourishes with new art, music and ideas.

Experimentation leads to astounding discoveries in Science and Technology.

Yet why are we so resistant to growth????  Argh!

This month is the month to CHALLENGE YOURSELF to get out of your comfort zone. Right now, write down three things that you can do to leave your comfort zone. Think about some things that have been swirling around your mind. The ones you never get around to doing. Now pick one of those and add it into your schedule this week. If it’s a new class or activity, check out the schedule and pay for it right now. Add it immediately to your calendar so that you can plan everything else around it.

Note: Once you get in there and try something new, remember, it’s ok if you suck!!! You are a beginner, and you aren’t supposed to know everything! For a long time I’ve admired the grace and artful movements of martial artists. They way they float across the floor, spin their kicks– so beautiful and badass. I finally signed up for Karate and have been attending for a few weeks. I wonder, “Am I ever going to get this down? If I can’t remember everything, will the teacher think I’m stupid?” My movements feel uncoordinated, clumsy, and I can’t remember all the new information bombarding me. Then I remind myself: I am a beginner. I am not supposed to know all of this. It takes years and years of practice. I never once think my students are anything less than amazing. Why would I worry about what another teacher thinks of me if I can’t get it down right away?

If you notice yourself spinning into negativity when you try a new thing, remind yourself why you’re there in the first place. Reality check your perceptions. Pay attention to the task at hand. Take your time and give yourself the space and acceptance to GROW! Now get out there and DO IT!

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