Class Focus for Sept 1st – Sept 14th 2010: Plug in and Connect!

Class Focus for Sept 1st – Sept 14th 2010: Plug in and Connect!

Over the past weekend, I took a great workshop from Master Yogini Kathryn Budig (the toe sox model who does the insane arm balances and inversions). You can check out some of her instructional videos on youtube. She provided the inspiration for this class focus that will add core strength and stability to most of your yoga poses. You’ll have to come to class to see just how you can plug in and connect!

Also, for the next two weeks, I’d like us to cultivate a sense of wonder throughout our practice and notice the thoughts and feelings that come up, without attachment. For example, “Wow! I am really freaking out right now in this challenging arm balance!” or “My mind is really wandering during this stretch today.” or “I’m maintaining a deep, even breath today and it feels so good.”

The more that we can notice our feelings and thoughts without judging or assigning value to them, the more we realize that our TRUE SELF is the part that remains unmoved, unchanged. The core of who we are is what’s left after we acknowledge and let go of all the mental ripples that come up both in class, and outside of class. Then we begin to connect to who we truly are beneath it all.

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  • Scott W.
    Posted at 13:12h, 13 September Reply

    I look forward to class, it has been a couple weeks. Thank you for keeping this site updated with your class themes, and inspirational quotes!

    ps. I watched a couple of Kathryn Budig videos on youtube… wow she is amazing!

  • Kelli
    Posted at 20:42h, 15 September Reply

    Thanks for blogging. If I know even one person is reading, then it inspires me to keep it up. Yes, Kathryn is awesome! Great sense of humor as well as an amazing yogi.

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