Covid Query, Connection, & Creativity

Covid Query, Connection, & Creativity

You have the chance RIGHT NOW to do the following:


1. Look yourself in the metaphysical mirror and ask yourself if the work you’re doing is fulfilling.

Many of us were laid off due to covid, and a lot of us don’t know if the businesses we used to work for will even exist after this is over. Now is the time to reassess if what we are doing is in alignment with who we are and our life purpose. I know we’ve got to pay the bills. It’s also scientifically proven that money and things don’t bring you happiness. So why not do something that you love???

Part of why you are here on earth is to uncover your unique skill set – to figure out what LIGHTS YOU UP, using both your innate + cultivated talents and gifts and then TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD.

Now you might counter: “BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT MY PURPOSE IS!!!!”


What does this mean? Try everything that you have the slightest inkling of interest in and see what happens!!!! Did you like it or not? Is there something else that you are more interested in? Try that!

Take this time to figure out what it is. Journal, watch videos about the things you are interested in doing, meditate. Meditate with the intention that you receive clarity about your life purpose and path. Be open and receptive and see what comes up. You have the perfect opportunity and time now to put together a business plan or sign up for and take online classes if needed.


2. Fall in love with your partner again, or start dating online

Yes, that’s your partner that you’re quarantined with. Accept them and love them with all of their quirks and idiosyncrasies. Stop getting frustrated at them for not being like you! There is a reason that you found each other. It’s because you balance each other out. One of you is probably more analytical, the other more emotional. One of you is probably more action-oriented, the other takes their time figuring out every angle. One of you is probably more social, the other introverted. One of you is probably better at finances, the other more artsy. One of you is probably freaking out right now, the other is calmer. We find balance when we appreciate each other’s strengths and together we create the best team if we remember that WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!

If you don’t have a partner in your life, but want to connect with someone, now is the time to tell your friends and family that you are open to meeting someone, and if they know someone who’d be a good fit for you, to connect you. You can meet on facetime! It couldn’t be safer than to date from your own kitchen. You could each make dinner separately, set a nice candlelit table with table cloth and napkin, then sit down with your meal and facetime one another while enjoying! Virtual Date!

A dear friend of mine said that this virus has brought out her courage to online date. She was never ready before, but this quarantine has caused her to say f*** it! I’m going to put myself out there on dating apps! There are so many apps. Google dating apps that are in line with what you’re looking for and your values. Take some nice photos of your self and put together your profile/about you section. You now have the time to really get to know someone before you meet in person. And listen to your gut – I have never heard that it has steered someone wrong.

3. Pick up an instrument and play it! – or do something creative.

I know some of you have an instrument around that you haven’t played in a while. Maybe like my husband, a guitar in the closet that he used to play while camping.

I bought a handpan that I find challenging to play, so it’s been sitting under a chair for a while now.

A friend of mine just bought crystal bowls and a shamanic drum. She is learning how to play, and her 20-year-old daughter just started playing her crystal bowls too. This is a girl (her daughter) who just recently thought this stuff was too “woo woo” and wouldn’t touch it. Now she is playing them beautifully.

Maybe your piano is collecting dust. Or that flute is in the box in the closet. Get it out! Play it! Maybe your instrument is your voice. Put on some music and SING!

If you have kids at home, maybe you can teach them how to play a few notes/chords.

Heck, if you aren’t musical, pick up some pens, crayons, or paintbrushes and doodle or make something cool. It doesn’t matter if it sucks. Make a challenging dish in the kitchen that you’ve been wanting to figure out. (For me – I have yet to make a great Pad Thai, so that’s what I’m working on).

Explore the creative side of you.

No matter what, don’t let this time be for naught. Use it to explore yourself, connect with loved ones, and to create something…..ANYTHING!

And if you are that type-A, never stop working type… [You know who you are!!!]… use this time to do NOTHING for at least a few hours a day! Some really wonderful insights, self-growth, and realignment can happen if you let it.

Take care, everyone!

Wishing you all SUPREME HEALTH and inner peace.



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