Don’t Get Caught Up In Your Content

Don’t Get Caught Up In Your Content

Our experiences make up the content of our lives. We live in accordance with our own perceptions, like our own personal video game. Our minds make up stories about what we’ve done and what has been done to us. It’s our mind’s job to protect us from physical danger, and even mental and emotional danger; so, as you can imagine, the stories get very creative.

One day we begin to emerge from the story and realize that we no longer need the stories – that it is these very stories that keep us stuck. They are old news, on the same loop, day after day. We realize that we want to be free of this story and create a new story. One that is happier, more joyful, more present.

Though this new story is one of joy and contentment, it is still content. You can look at all the stories, review the stories, and even create new stories, but they aren’t really who you are. Don’t get caught up in your content.

You are what is UNDERNEATH all the stories.


An energetic being of great magnitude.

Remember to not dwell on the past, or replay all the wrongs you’ve experienced. It does nothing for you. In fact, it keeps you stuck in the old place, the old story of you. Instead, remember what’s underneath all of that.

Pure energy, pure light. YOU ARE A RADIANT BEING.

You have consciousness beyond your story. Focus here.

You are more than the words on the page that make up the story of your life
You are more than the blank page
You are more than the binding of your book
You are more than the paper that makes up the book
You are more than the space between the pages
You are more than the creativity interwoven in your stories
You are more than the happys and the sads, the goods and the bads
You are made of a particle or a wave
You are energy at its purest


Kelli Russell
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  • Melissa Derbyshire
    Posted at 13:46h, 18 August Reply

    What a beautiful thought! I so enjoy your newsletters and recipes! Thank you!

    • Kelli Russell
      Posted at 18:41h, 19 September Reply

      Thank you Melissa! I’m glad you enjoy them.

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