FORGIVE YOURSELF: Elevate Your Mental State Monday

FORGIVE YOURSELF: Elevate Your Mental State Monday

Remember today that the only mistake that is bad is the one that you repeat.

The rest help us refine or replace the behavior that didn’t work with one that will.

Forgive yourself for something that you’ve been beating yourself up about lately. Figure out how to not do it again or put some things in place to help you.

For example, if you are trying to eat healthy, but pigged out last night on ice-cream and chips, then today prepare a healthy snack. Make some home made hummus and cut up some veggies, and put them aside so that when the snack attack comes on at night, you have your arsenal prepared.

Another example: Maybe you snapped at your child or loved one lately, and you feel bad. Apologize, and next time you arrive at your snapping point, change your reaction. Give yourself a time-out to go for a walk, take a shower or sit in your room and breathe for 10 minutes. Turn on some music and sing. Just do something different!

Forgive Yourself

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