Ever have your teacher give the option to “float into Chaturanga softly” but yours feels clunky? Or does your teacher tell you that your elbows are too far back? Some call it a float back, but it’s actually not a float back at all!  It’s a float FORWARD. Say whaaaaat?

Next time you go for it, engage your core, propel your chest forward as you lightly land your legs behind you.

Think forward.  WAY FORWARD.

More than you think you need to go.

Think AHEAD to Chaturanga as you float through your Sun Salutations. LEAN INto the challenge as you float ahead.

Float FORWARD into Chaturanga!

Most people end up with elbows bent too far back because they aren’t leaning far enough forward. Like the yogi in the image above, gaze forward, reach your chest forward and bend your arms to a 90 degree angle. If you have a mirror, try practicing this a few times lining up sideways with the mirror and check to see that you’re aligned. At first you might clunk, belly flop, or fall like a ton of bricks. That’s awesome!  Falling is pivotal in the learning process. It means you are one step closer.

Go slowly.  Inhale to half lift, exhale draw your belly in, front ribs in, pelvic floor in.  Reach WAY forward with your chest, LEAN forward and…….GO!


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