How to Be a Yoga Warrior

How to Be a Yoga Warrior

Let go of what people think of you – both the good, and the bad.

Be grateful for what you have. Even having a body that moves, a mind that thinks, and lungs that breathe are enough.

Forgive those who have wronged you in the past. Hanging on to anger only punishes YOU, not them. Don’t mistake forgiveness for weakness. You are smarter now, and won’t be duped again.

Take responsibility for your own life right now, and every moment moving forward. It’s time to let go of blaming anything and anyone. It’s up to you now to create the life that you want!

Meditate. Release fear, roles, labels, shyness, comparison, guilt, competition. Through meditation, you will observe the cyclical nature of all things. You will be secure at your center.

Understand that your essence is LOVE. When you sit with this knowledge, you will at last, LET GO OF FEAR.

Kelli Russell
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