How to Rid Your Home of Negativity With Sage

How to Rid Your Home of Negativity With Sage

First, obtain some sage. If you live near North County San Diego, both Jimbos and SoulScape have it). Open all of the windows and doors. Light the tip of the sage and blow on it until you see glowing embers. Hold a small bowl underneath, so that it can collect ashes as you walk through the house.

Walk along each wall of the house and through the center of each room, pausing at each window and door. With your hand holding the sage, make a motion as if sweeping negative energy out the window or door,  You may choose to say something like, “If you are not of the light, leave this place and never return.”

Then trace the shape of the window or door with the sage, and visualize forming an impenetrable seal of light over each one. Say “Only love and light are welcome in this space.” “Bless this room and seal it with love and light.” You can also use your own intention or prayer for each room specifically.

For added benefit, stand in the middle of the house and imagine drawing white light in from the crown of your head down into your body. Visualize sending this white light from your body out into the house, even to the edges of the property and a bit beyond, forming a protective seal of positive, powerful, loving energy.

Tamp out the sage (like one would put out a cigar) and take a deep, relaxing breath. Notice if you feel a change in the energy of the home.

Repeat this ritual about every thirty days, or anytime you’d like to refresh the energy in your living space.

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