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Kelli is the real deal. Her patience, support, sincerity, compassion, motivation, love of life, and yoga is an inspiration! I highly recommend Kelli Russell’s Yoga Mentorship as a way to support your individual journey – whether it is to gain confidence as a new yoga teacher, build a creative sequence, or start a yoga business, Kelli’s support and guidance is what you need to take the next step. Thank you, Kelli!
– Tonia O’Brien

Yoga Teaching Mentorship

We are incredibly lucky to live in this yoga hub here in San Diego, with so many great studios and teachers, but an instructor you might wonder, “How am I going to stand out in this sea of teachers?” or “How can I make a living doing this?”


I’d love to work with you one-on-one to help you navigate the industry as your yoga mentor. We’ll define your goals, create manageable steps to achieve them, and bring your unique personal strengths to the forefront of your teaching.


I offer 15 years of experience practicing yoga and 9 years teaching full-time in North County San Diego. I created the YogaBoost Method to combat Modern Human Seated Syndrome, and founded YogaBoost, a corporate yoga health and wellness business. I have co-led three yoga teacher trainings, and I’m a continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance. Let me save you time by teaching you what I know.

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These are some of the things we can work on together:

  • Refining Your Postural Alignment Skills
  • Enhancing Your Hands-On Adjustments
  • Marketing Yourself
  • The Business of Yoga: How to Get Hired at a Gym, Studio or Spa
  • How to Start Group Private Lessons
  • Sequencing
  • How to Plan, Market, and Implement Yoga Workshops
  • Defining and Implementing Your Goals as a Yoga Teacher
  • Continuing Your Education
  • Finding Your Niche in a Flooded Market
  • Moving Beyond Fear and Anxiety
  • Uncovering Your Personal Power; Finding Your Voice


We can meet on a per need basis, monthly or weekly. You set the terms.

Yoga Events & Retreats

Enhance your special event with an awesome yoga class. Birthday or Anniversary Celebration, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, Wellness Week at your office, Wine & Yoga Party, Artisan Chocolate Chakra Party -you name it!


Want to book a local or destination retreat somewhere exotic? Let’s do it!

Event experiences:

  • Palm Canyon Yoga Retreat 
  • Budokon Yoga + Vegan Sushi Truck 
  • Yoga Rocks the Park, San Diego 
  • Carnival Yoga Party + Brazilian Dancers 
  • Yoga For Runners with “She Runs” 
  • Fitbit Wellness Week in conjunction w/ Suja Juice  
  • City of Hope Retreat at Pala Resort 

Yoga at Your Office

How awesome would it be to breathe some life into your workplace with some yoga to enliven and stretch your body, increase your creativity, patience, problem-solving skills, and focus?!




Want to find out more about bringing yoga to your office?

Reach out to discuss how I can bring yoga, breathwork, and/or meditation to your office or if you’d like me to contact your HR department about bringing yoga straight to you.

When I walk away from class (with Kelli), I feel more like my ideal self. You have such a generosity of spirit! It feels like you're tangibly investing of yourself in each of us as we practice - getting us into individualized best poses and helping our minds soften into integration with movement.
– Sara Kent

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