Protection Meditation: Circle of Light

Protection Meditation: Circle of Light



Ever been around a person, and notice afterwards your energy was diminished? Some call those who drain others’ energy,  “Energy Vampires”!  Dun dun Dunnnnn!  Seriously though, a great way to protect your energy, keep other people’s negative thoughts and emotions out, and energy parasites away, is by doing this 5 minute Protection Meditation.  Here’s how it’s done:

Creating a Protective Circle of Light  -Movements occur on inhale

  • Begin with hands in Namaste at heart center
  • Inhale, press your palms upward (2/3 in away from your body)
  • Exhale, bring your fingers together at crown
  • Inhale, imagine drawing gold light from your crown to about 6 inches above your head
  • Exhale, bring right hand UNDER left (hands touching) imagine golden light building under your hands
  • Inhale, palms facing your body, circle your arms out to your sides and down, forming the shape of a bubble of golden light around you
  • Exhale, at the bottom of your circle right hand OVER left, fingers touching, sealing your protective bubble around your feet.
  • REPEAT AGAIN, twist left, bring right hand down your front, left hand down your back (palms facing your body). Twist right, bring left hand down your front, right hand down your back, surrounding all sides of your body with golden light.

Feel free to repeat the above 3x up to 5 minutes.

**This is for right handed individuals. If you are a lefty, your left hand should be under right when over your head, and your left hand should be over your right when you circle around your feet. Whatever hand is your dominant one, is your projecting hand and has greater ability to seal your circle of light.

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