Release Tension and Be Present in 2 Steps

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Release Tension and Be Present in 2 Steps

Ahhh the current buzzword “mindful.” “Ful” is a common suffix that means “full of.” What a paradox. We don’t want our mind full. It’s already full enough! So full that we are constantly bombarded by thoughts. Never ending to-do lists paired with a culture driven by immediate response via texts and emails certainly doesn’t help. So how does one become present without a two week stint at an ashram, or your own personal guru to smack you on the back with a stick when you get distracted?

Here are two simple steps to become present, anywhere, anytime:

Step 1:

Scan your body for tension. Notice any places where you feel tight or uncomfortable and breathe out the tightness. Each physical tension has an inner counterpart, so breathing out tension in your body helps to relax your mind. 

Step 2:

Make a conscious decision to remove expectation, fear, worry, and to do lists from your mental landscape. Renew your intention every time your mind drifts to these. Each time you drop one, you release it’s grip on you.  

It doesn’t matter how many times per day you repeat these two steps. It may be 200 times per day. Maybe next year, it’ll only be 100 times per day, and then– who knows? Perhaps you’ll go from mind-full to mind-clear and calm.

“One who has control over the mind is tranquil in heat and cold, in pleasure and pain…. and is steadfast with the supreme self” Bagavad Gita
Kelli Russell
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