Stabilize Your Wrists

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Stabilize Your Wrists

Wrist pain is often something students complain of in relation to their yoga practice, especially Vinyasa styles which include a multitude of Chaturangas.

The wrists are not designed for weight bearing (especially if you are lacking core strength), however students often do Chaturanga without core engagement. This loads the wrists, which over time can lead to tendonitis or arthritis, both of which are non-reversible. EEEeeek!

For a sustainable yoga practice, remember that wrists are not a place to work through pain. Wait until you are pain free to do weight bearing postures. Remember to engage your core by drawing your navel and low ribs in towards your spine every time you practice plank to 1/2 push up to support yourself in the best way possible. Also ensure proper Chaturanga alignment by rooting into the base of each finger, elbows over wrists in a 90 degree bend, and shoulders in front of elbows (no lower).

Here are a couple of great wrist stabilizers for your yoga practice:

Childs Pose– Extend arms forward.  Press the pads at the base of the fingers down, then thumbs and pinkies down 20sec, 3x.

Down Dog– Begin in Child’s Pose. Press the mound at the base of fingers down.  Gently, pinch the thumb and pinkie towards one another.  Get hands set 1st, then press into Down Dog.  This stabilizes muscles of the wrist. 

Remember to focus on core engagement to take some of the load off of the wrists as you practice weight bearing poses in yoga. Wondering if you’re engaging your core correctly in Plank and Chaturanga? Try this: isometrically draw your hands towards your feet, and draw your feet towards your hands. You’ll feel your core light up as you activate all the right muscles to support your posture.

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