The Only Dessert Recipe You’ll Need This Summer

The Only Dessert Recipe You’ll Need This Summer

When eating a plant-based diet, some get a little nervous that they will never again put anything to their lips that is “to die for.” Well look no further than my delicious, but still healthy, quick and easy no-bake strawberry pie.

The secret sweetener is the dates, which are one of nature’s candies. Because this pie is so healthy, you can even get away with eating it for breakfast; however, I try to make it to lunch before diving in! I hope you love it as much as I do.

No-Bake Strawberry Pie

1 cup walnuts
1 cup pitted dates + 8 more dates
1 tsp vanilla
2 pts fresh strawberries
½ tsp lemon juice
Take 1 cup of walnuts, one cup of pitted dates, and 1 tsp of vanilla and chop in a food processor for about 45 seconds, then press into pie pan for the crust. Next, process about 20 topped strawberries with 8 dates to keep it sweet, then add a squeeze of lemon to bring out the flavor. Puree the strawberries and the 8 dates in the processor until blended smooth and pour into the crust. Next, slice more strawberries and top your pie with them. Refrigerate for two hours so it has time to set up and slice like a pie. It won’t be 100% sliceable but close. If you can’t wait for the cooling, grab a spoon and dig in! If you are using a larger pie pan, double the recipe. My neighbor loved the crust so much that she rolled it into little balls dusted with flour (or you could use coconut), and served without the strawberries or lemon for a little treat for her kids. So smart!!



 My goal is to teach moms how to feed their families so they can nourish and strengthen their bodies and avoid all modern disease cause by the standard American diet. 

Want to learn more about whether or not humans are designed to eat meat? Check out Jenny’s blog post here! Join in the discussion!



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  • Jenny Hefferon Harkleroad
    Posted at 14:47h, 13 May Reply

    Thanks for sharing Kelli Russell! I’ve heard good reviews on the strawberry pie! Awesome!

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