GET YOUR YOGA HANDSTAND ON!: Tricks of the trade Tuesday

GET YOUR YOGA HANDSTAND ON!: Tricks of the trade Tuesday

The ever-elusive yoga handstand:

Squeeze your lower legs together!

O.k. so this is one that I’ve been working on for years an I think that I just discovered the missing link!

This tip is for those that can already go up into the full version and has trouble unshackling yourself from the wall.

  1. Imagine that you have placed a single quarter between your lower legs in 1 inch increments starting at your big toes, all the way up to your knees.
  2. Squeeze those quarters together without allowing them to drop to the floor. If you think you are squeezing enough, then squeeze more!
  3. Remember, drawing your tailbone under and pulling your low front and back ribs inward is another big key.
  4. No flat palms, either. Claw the mat and let your fingertips help you balance when you wobble!


I asked the owner of one of the most beautiful, steady un-walled handstands that I’ve ever seen how she did it. She said, “I practiced every day for two or three years!” So don’t give up!

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