Trying to change your lifestyle?

Trying to change your lifestyle?

“Happy is the man who knows how to distinguish the real from the unreal, the eternal from the transient and the good from the pleasant by his discrimination and wisdom.”
B.K.S. Iyengar

We must draw the distinction between what is good for us, and what is pleasant at the time. It is so nice to relax in front of the television and eat chips or salty treats (perhaps adding a glass of wine to that) at the end of a long day. Is it pleasant? Absolutely! Is it good for us? Not so much. Couldn’t our time be better spent reconnecting with your spouse? How ’bout a game of checkers? So easy. Winner gets a massage. What about that book on your nightstand that you’ve been meaning to read? Or maybe the one you’ve been wanting to write. Have you ever journaled about your dreams/goals? Maybe tonight is the night to begin.

12 ways to change your lifestyle:

To make it even easier, here is a list of things you can do rather than turning on the television and snacking:

  1. Take a bubble bath with a candle. Come on guys, you know you want to. No one has to know.
  2. Download some new music onto your ipod.
  3. Play a board game or card game with someone.
  4. Read or write a book! For real!
  5. Write your honey a love letter (or write one to your child/children).
  6. Journal – write about your dreams and goals. Look over what you’ve written in the past. Let your journey unfold.
  7. Try that yoga pose you’ve been working on.
  8. Call a friend and catch up- No, you cannot text~!
  9. Make a healthy quiche or other breakfast for the morning.
  10.  Plan something fun to do on the weekend.
  11. If you’re a parent, you can make your kids a cool lunch using cookie cutters for the sandwich and include a sweet note.
  12. If your kids are grown up and out of the house, put together a care package and send it out–even if they’re 30! How great would that be to get it the mail?
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