What Growth Stage Are You In?

What Growth Stage Are You In?

I’m a seeker when it comes to tools that elevate consciousness. A friend/student of mine gifted me the book The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter which provides some awesome insight that I’m excited to share! Not only does it show you where you’ve been so far and provides a roadmap for what’s possible, but it allows you to see where other people might be, so that you have more compassion for where they’re at on their journey.

First of all, it’s important to know that it doesn’t have to take decades or a lifetime to create an internal shift. A new understanding can create a shift in beliefs and suddenly you’re standing in a new place, with new awareness and a new framework with which to view the world.

In Quantum Physics, there’s something called a QUANTUM FLIP.  An atom can change direction instantly without ever slowing down! It can jump back and forth between two stable states of motion without losing momentum. (EX: If you were rolling a marble up a hill, it’d slow down and then roll down. An atom needs no slowing down. It just flips into a new direction instantly.) You can make a quantum flip too! In an instant, you can see and experience the world differently. It might happen in a yoga class, a sound healing, while doing breathwork,  exploring plant medicine, a session with an energy healer, or your own personal awakening moment. It might happen while you’re reading this and decide that you’d like to experience a different way of being.

Dr. Morter describes four stages that we move through as we evolve consciousness.  Stage 1: Victimhood – we believe we are the body or the mind, which causes every problem in our life. Something feels missing, we feel inadequate, so we spend our time and effort trying to compensate. We try to fix what’s broken. We tell ourselves stories, we feel separate and alone and guard against threats. This is fear-based, survival-centric identity. The ego/false-self limits us because safety is the first priority. This makes our relationships with others conditional and creates such continual stress that it eventually takes its toll mentally, emotionally, and physically in the form of stress, dysfunction, and disease. We may feel like life is happening to us. We’re just going through the motions because this is just the way life is. We may blame our unhappiness on other people or outside forces. Our focus is “out there” -the perception that something external is causing us to feel or be this way, so our energy disperses outwards.

Stage 2: Self Help- We awaken to the possibility that we can change and be happier and healthier. We realize that we can improve or even fix our situation and possibly, by choosing our thoughts and actions, exert some control over what we experience. “Something is wrong, but I can fix it.” We work hard to heal what we believe is wrong, broken, or missing through therapy, self-help books, and programs. We spend time and resources fixing our problems, we get really good at problem-solving, and we learn to make the best of the situation. This stage is great because we start to experience personal power, but it does not honor our true capability.

Stage 3: Creatorship- We realize that there is no such thing as a bad circumstance because there was never anything wrong, missing, or broken in the first place. Every challenge serves us, and we know that we played a role in its creation. This is the stage where we might follow the Law of Attraction and take radical responsibility for creating our experience. We realize that life is always unfolding in our favor to help us expand. Rather than making the best of a situation, (which implies that something bad happened that we should turn into good), we see that it was never bad in the first place. It is all serving to awaken and free ourselves. Even our greatest pain is hiding the greatest gift that we will ever receive. Because we know this now, we are in total flow and collaboration with life – in profound gratitude for life and all of its mysteries. We know and see that with everything happening, no matter how difficult, there comes a benefit equal to, or greater than the suffering it entails. Knowing this, our suffering dramatically decreases and maybe ceases to exist at all.

STAGE 4: the SOULFUL SELF – Since we know that everything is happening in our favor, instead of having to go through the process each time, we realize “everything is all good” in the moment it occurs! My friend demonstrated this so perfectly recently. He found out his canine best friend of 13 years has inoperable cancer. His sweet dog had lost so much weight he was just skin and bones. At the vet’s office when he received the diagnosis that there was nothing that could be done he cried in front of his daughter. He said “I released the emotion, I cried for the first time in front of my daughter which bonded us closer together, and I experienced gratitude for all the great years we had together. There is no pain or sorrow.” WOW! In this stage, we see that we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience. We are ENERGY BEINGS  experiencing this physical aspect of life. We feel and know that we are connected on an energy grid with everything, everywhere. We are fractionalized versions of SOURCE!  (Scientific Note: We are literally made of a high-frequency energy called light and even our neurons produce photons that communicate through light). We perceive ourselves as energy beings, and in that core wisdom, our energy is integrated, focused, whole, and complete which brings a feeling of absolute well-being, no matter what happens.

As you read through the stages, you may have seen your own personal self-growth story mirrored within them. You may recognize where you’re at right now. Maybe reading this has even allowed you to glimpse into a more expansive state of being that spurs you to shift. Maybe you just experienced a QUANTUM FLIP!  No matter where you are, you’re in the right place at the right time. Ideas are coming into your consciousness when you are ready to receive them.

It’s all happening!


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  • Nury Valerin
    Posted at 10:12h, 10 February Reply

    Loved this! Funny, I see myself in all four! I think I relate to them as the stages of grief – sometimes weaving through all four, at other times landing at one and hover there for a bit. Of course the overall goal is to land and stay in the Soulful Self, but that’s the beauty of practice. Great roadmap!

    • Kelli Russell
      Posted at 15:59h, 11 February Reply

      Hi Nury! I get that. I think that as we shift into being our soulful-self, we more quickly get there if something disrupts our good-feeling state. So instead of being stuck in stage 1 for a lifetime, or a few weeks or days, it’s only for a very short period of time and we guide ourselves back into connection with our highest self. You think?

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