First, breathe. Remember why you’re here.

Wash away your past. All those places that keep you stuck. Those old stories you keep telling about yourself, your life.

Wash yourself clean. You can never go back to where you were,  nor would it benefit you.

But, we can be HERE. We can, through our breath and our movement, release pent up energy that some may call stress, or anxiety.

And after the challenge of it all – the sweat and the focus and the release, We REMEMBER.

We experience a remembering. That we are already perfect and there is nothing that we need to do to be worthy of anything because it is already ours. That we are powerful beyond measure.

That we have EVERYTHING inside of us. We can stop looking outside of ourselves. We see that we have everything we need to be the person that we want to be, and that it’s absolutely possible to create the LIFE that we want to live.  

We REMEMBER our INNATE POWER,  and we feel the magic.

What a beautiful journey we are able to share every time we meet on the mat.

Kelli Russell
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