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photo credit: Erin Blair Studio

At this time I’m teaching only select private and group private lessons. Reach out if you’re interested in scheduling a private class.

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I’ve been a student of Kelli Russell for the last six years. I can say the following 1. Every class is different - it is done with an intention, mindfulness and meaningful approach- a dream deal of forethought is built in the design -and like a good math equation a challenge exists 2. Each pose is done with the intention to physically unlock specific body parts and unleash dynamic positive movement- like an assault on a summit - two feet and a hand hold - generates a solid base for a safe reach- it is always beyond one's grasp - so that is a measured challenge - but a reach none the less - so it always stimulating and exceeds one's grasp physically, mentally and spiritually are all key aspects and components of every class.
– Mark Wetzel