“Meeting with Kelli as a mentor was incredibly helpful and beneficial for me. We carefully went over my personal yoga short-term goals. It was great to set realistic, obtainable goals for my personal growth after my yoga teacher training. We addressed my fears of teaching and discussed ways of working through them, which was very reassuring.

Having a hard copy of personal goals to be able to look at to stay on track, given the distractions of my current personal and professional life, is very helpful. She helped me formulate these goals for the next six months with keen input and intuitive ideas. I feel like developing a successful strategy for my personal yoga practice and practice teaching goals is very helpful for my business goals to be obtained. During our session I shared with Kelli a niche yoga business idea my business partner and I have come up with for our community.

After brainstorming she created an outline from our conversation that was very well organized and thorough. We went over great ideas to infuse our businesses exposure as a brand while simultaneously gaining teaching experience. All of what was floating around in my head was realistically put down on paper in a step-by-step outline for my business partner and I to follow.

This outline was also infused with creative, organized ideas from Kelli. I felt very energized, focused, motivated and extremely supported after our mentor session.”

– Amber Girard

“Talking with Kelli Russell was a great experience. She had done homework ahead of the review, looking at google searches on the bullets I gave her as general direction and she listened. She acted as a non-judgmental sounding board for my thoughts and ideas. She asked value-add questions and made me reconsider several portions of my ideas and planned concepts moving forward. She added value to the whole conversation from questioning the generic flow of business ideas, to alternatives methods of getting data faster, better, and more effectively.

In our session, she gracefully challenged my assumptions on investment and data value-add. She then seamlessly switched questions to my reasons for wanting to teach now, where, why and how. She pointed out weakness in my argument of a lack of time windows for teaching (aka before 8am or after 7pm) with real world experiences from her vantage point. By asking leading questions, providing direct but challenging feedback she accelerated my thought process and literally redefined some concepts I had preconceived when thinking through the concepts and challenges by myself.

I enjoyed the conversation, it brought me to a new level of awareness and thought on the whole concept of teaching, and productization of data/ sensors and proving the medical value of yoga to a local studio at minimum cost.

– Michael Campbell

“Kelli’s coaching session was as outstanding as it was empowering. Personable, knowledgeable, and really well prepared, Kelli provided a supportive environment and a dynamic framework for my future business. Prior to actually sitting down, she had me prep her about plans for a new Mindfulness Yoga Program for those who are perhaps shy, anxious, or recovering from some elements of trauma.

Kelli is a cornucopia of a wide range of relevant information. She redirected my thinking in a manner which resulted in creative solutions, and she also made me more aware of potential pitfalls. I left wanting more and feeling even more positive about this new venture than I did prior to meeting with her. I would recommend Kelli and her skill-sets unreservedly.”

– Sarah Bond, MS, CAS
Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology, 2017

“I had the opportunity to mentor with Kelli shortly after completing my 200-hour RYT. After my teacher training, I had so many questions about how to gain confidence as a new yoga teacher and how to get teaching opportunities. I did not know where to begin! My meeting with Kelli was invigorating and inspiring; I knew I had made the right choice to mentor with Kelli. She listened intently to my questions and concerns and provided me with a list of action items, resources, and ideas to help me through my transition.

Kelli is the real deal. Her patience, support, sincerity, compassion, motivation, love of life, and yoga is an inspiration! I highly recommend Kelli Russell’s Yoga Mentorship as a way to support your individual journey – whether it is to gain confidence as a new yoga teacher, build a creative sequence, or start a yoga business, Kelli’s support and guidance is what you need to take the next step. Thank you, Kelli!”

– Tonia O’Brien

“Kelli Russell is simply amazing. She is an inspiration to me, her students, and all yoga instructors alike. She brings specified knowledge to the field with over 8 years of hands-on industry experience in yoga instruction, workshops, retreats, festivals and various other relatable fields.

During our time together, we went over questions, concerns, and obstacles I was facing starting out as a rookie yoga instructor, including:

  • Gyms, spas, and studios I was interested in approaching.
  • Advertising and marketing platforms that cross multiple levels, fields and/or mediums.
  • Best methods of writing out a yoga instructor Bio / Resume.
  • Effective Portfolio Materials
  • Multiple Advertising Tools / Techniques
  • Options for business cards, 5 x 7 flyers, Photos, images that resonate clearly with a specified audience and target market.
  • Different techniques for identifying my own personal brand, mission, and objective.
  • Ways to promote those objectives once identified. 

One of the biggest questions I had was about booking auditions at studios, gyms, or spas without past history or experience anywhere else. Kelli was able to use first hand knowledge to answer these concerns. She also gave detail oriented plans on how to approach the different teaching spaces, and methods of execution. If you have the opportunity to sit down with Kelli Russell and soak up some of her vast industry knowledge, don’t hesitate. Take full advantage of the guidance she provides.”

– James M. Petracca

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