“Everyone Is Acting Crazy! Is There a Sun Storm or Something?”

sun storm effects earth

“Everyone Is Acting Crazy! Is There a Sun Storm or Something?”

You may have heard or studied about the effect the moon has on our bodies. It’s common for Ashtanga-trained yogis to avoid practicing yoga during full and new moons because our inner energy is uneven, which may lead to injury or accidents.

Do you know the sun affects our body, brain, heart, and behavior as well?

This huge ball of gases has a surface temp of about 11,000°F, with strong magnetic fields around it’s atmosphere. It’s space weather is hard to fathom: solar winds speed by the Earth at 2 million miles per hour, and it’s gaseous explosions have the energy of 40 billion atomic bombs.

Earth, on the other hand, is a giant magnet with two poles, North and South, surrounded by a magnetic field, always in flux. The Earth is kept in place by this magnetic field and the solar wind. Space storms create wild fluctuations in particle speed and direction within the Earth’s magnetic field.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) note that sun storms interfere with our electricity, pipeline flow, communication systems, and disrupt satellite navigation. They even effect the movement of pigeons and dolphins, who both use Earth’s geomagnetic field to navigate.

When the Soviet government investigated space flight, they found that geomagnetic fields have a profound effect on all living things. The following are some of the incredible effects of space storms/geomagnetic turbulence:

  • causes changes in protein and micronutrient synthesis in bacteria, humans and plants
  • heart attack rates rise and fall with solar cycle activity
  • neurological processes are affected. Geomagnetic turbulence disturbs the balance between certain parts of the brain, over-activating parts of the autonomic nervous system while lowering others.
  • increase in patients hospitalized for nervous disorders and general psychiatric disorders. Those already diagnosed with mental illness are reported to be more agitated during magnetically stormy days.
  • higher occurrences of epilepsy
  • more sudden death – epilepsy and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
  • enhances memory – lab rats learn mazes more quickly
  • more traffic violations and industrial accidents reported

The most profound effects within the human body are the heart and the brain. The portions of the brain most effected by geomagnetic fluctuations are the temporal lobes, which house our “sense of self”, and our “sense of other”. In the 1970’s researchers Persigner and Krippner found that when the earth is calm and the space storms ebb, telepathy and clairvoyance increase and the ability to remote view improves. Their research showed that magnetic frequency affects our ability to tune in and to transmit, as well as affecting parts of the brain that receive information.

Amazing stuff!

In the yoga community you might hear people say, “Weird things are happening, and people are acting crazy! Is it a full moon or something?”

I guess we’ll have to start adding, “Is it a solar storm or something?”


Source: McTaggart, L. (2013). The intention experiment: using your thoughts to change your life and the world. New York: Atria Paperback.

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